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People are instantly attracted to Cavachon because of their large and expressive eyes. They are intelligent, lovable and energetic. They love to play with children, especially with the children of the family they are raised with. They also love to play with other pets in the family. They are not at all aggressive, but they will make sure to alert their family if they notice some unusual and doubtful things. Cavachon are very affectionate, and loyal to their family. They crave their attention and are not recommended to be left alone for long periods of time. They are happy in a house, but are also well suited for apartment life. They really enjoy indoor games and activities. Cavachon are sweet and friendly and they have a people-loving, people-pleasing personality. They are a sensitive breed, but highly trainable, so you must be patient and fair when training them. Consistent lessons, beginning in early puppyhood, are very effective and highly recommended. Life expectancy: 11 to 13 years.


Cavachon’s silky, wavy/curly coat is beautiful. The colors of their coat may be a combination of red and white, white and sable, black and white or sometimes a combination of the three. They range from 10-20 lbs in weight and 12-16 inches in height.


The Cavachon is a very low shedder (some don’t shed at all) and regular brushing and trimming will be required in order to keep their thick coat healthy and mat-free. Depending upon their coat, they may be clipped like a Poodle, or given a low-maintenance “puppy cut”.